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Watch the Roots’ Black Thought Perform a ‘Harry Potter’ Rap

Roots Harry Potter Rap Video Fallon Tonight Show

Just yesterday we commended the Roots for having a top-notch sense of humor to go along with their expert musicianship, after they joined Jimmy Fallon for a send-up of ’80s dance shows. Well, the Philly crew has gone and outdone that by a longshot, this time with frontman Black Thought taking to the mic to rap about Harry Potter on the most recent Tonight Show. The butterbeer-fueled verse lays out the basics of the hit wizardry saga, with lines like “Magical young man from the badlands / On the run from the Prisoner of Azkaban / Hermione was like his best friend / And his homeboy Ron was his right hand.” Sure, it’s partly a plug for Universal Orlando Resort, where Fallon and co. are taping episodes this week, but we’ll let that slide because it’s both goofy and well crafted. It’s still no Black Simon and Garfunkel, but what else is, really?