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Watch Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and E.T. Relive the ’80s on ‘Dance Avenue’

Fallon Roots 'Dance Avenue' Video Orlando transformers universal

Time and time again, the Roots prove that they have a tremendous sense of humor on The Tonight Show, yet somehow it’s still surprising to see just how silly they can get. Take, for example, Jimmy Fallon and company’s apropos-of-nothing “Dance Avenue” sketch, which finds the host and his band getting down for an ’80s-style show that features nothing but people busting moves to some funky disco beats. Sure, Fallon’s stylings are impressive, but it’s so much more fun to see the Roots joining in at the Universal Orlando Resort, with some Transformers and an oversized E.T. shaking their respective moneymakers as well. It’s the latest in a recent string of dance-themed sketches for Fallon, including a dad-focused entry with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and one about tight pants with Jennifer Lopez. It’s not as good as Brian Williams rapping “Baby Got Back,” but it’ll still make you smile and cringe at how absurd ’80s fashion was.