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Watch Real Estate Do Weezer’s ‘Say It Ain’t So’

Real Estate New Track Weezer Say It Aint So Viceo

Real Estate have already participated in La Blogotheque’s famed Take Away Shows series, but they contributed something a little bit more substantial today to the French blog in the way of a 29-minute acoustic set recorded in a Paris living room. In addition to the requisite songs from their breezy 2014 album Atlas and “Easy” from 2011’s Days, the band ran through a ramshackle version of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” and an unreleased track called “White Light.”

At right around the 17-minute mark of the above video, guitarist Matt Modanile launches into the ’90s tune’s familiar lazy intro several times before he manages a take that suits him. The band — here composed of just Modanile, singer/guitarist Martin Courtney, and bassist Alex Bleeker — then launches into some charmingly sloppy gang vocals, supplanting the original’s power-pop precision with their own familiar ebbs and flows.

After a loping “Easy,” their “special” unreleased cut pops up around 24 minutes into the video. As Courtney puts it, the track is “not necessarily new,” but we’ve yet to see it in recorded form. Modanile’s shimmering leads and Courtney’s delicate vocals put this in pretty familiar territory, even in its stripped-down, acoustic incarnation.

Watch the full set above and read our recent profile of the Brooklyn band.