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Courtney Love Wants to Fund Her Own Breed of Glittery Rose

Courtney Love Personalized Rose Breed

When you’re rich and have the money to get pretty much anything you want, you might as well dream big. Courtney Love is certainly dreaming big, and somewhat scientifically, with her wish to fund the development of “a hybrid rose that’s glittering and silver” and have it named in her honor. This bit of info comes from the latest installment in her “Courtney Love on” YouTube series, in which she mainly talks about random topics while sitting in the back of an SUV. 

“To say I’m not crazy about roses is crazy, because I love roses,” she says at the beginning of the clip, referencing the incredible number of Hole fans who’ve made public claims that she has a thing against the preferred flower of high school beaus. She goes onto inform us that Dolly Parton, Metallica, and Loretta Lynn all have a specific breed of the flower forever immortalized with their names. “You can hybrid anything, and there’s a way to get the roses to glitter now.”

How serious is she about this? Deathly, it would seem. 

“I have it in my will, 1/100th of my estate goes towards the development of a silver glitter rose, just in case I get hit by a tractor in a cornfield, just because I go to cornfields a lot,” she says with a chuckle, referencing her famous habit of visiting the growth sites of America’s most abundant crop and inspecting the cobs for purity (ironic, considering her interest in hybridizing flowers, of course). Perhaps she could use her cut of Nirvana’s “Breed” to fund the dream instead?

Anyhow, watch the short video below for all of Love’s lovely thoughts on this prospect. Sounds like the perfect way to add some Courtney flair to your “Wedding Day.” Hardy har har.