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Watch Zebra Katz’ Eye-Popping ‘Tear the House Up’ Video

Zebra Katz Herve Tear the House Up Video

You know Zebra Katz from his Diplo-backed heater, “Ima Read,” but the New York performance artist born Ojay Morgan has been plenty busy since. There was the honey badger-channelling “Pulla Stunt,” and his darkly menacing “Y I Do,” plus an Icona Pop collaboration to name a few — all of which floated just below the radar. Well, hit play above to experience Katz’ new calling card: “Tear the House Up,” produced by Hervé, and the accompanying video directed by Ghost+Cow. The clip is a stunner, finding the MC in various wild outfits to match his freaky, colorful enrivons. One scenario has him wearing what we can only assum is Big Bird’s pelt inside of what we can only assume is Ronald McDonald’s sex dungeon. Much fun with patterns, guns, and androgyny follows. Meanwhile Katz raps his ass off, eschewing his creepier styles for pure dance-rallying rhymes. Via BuzzFeed.