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Watch Zebra Katz Keep Freakily Minimal in ‘Y I Do’ Video

Zebra Katz 'Y I Do' Video

Ojay Morgan is a Brooklyn-based performance artist better known as Zebra Katz — the menacingly mincing character behind the buzzing Mad Decent-backed platter, “Ima Read,” not to mention the honey badger-channeling “Pulla Stunt.” While the man still appears to be a ways off from releasing a proper album, he has shared a new song and video called “Y I Do” which certainly helps shed some light on his motivations as a member of the creative class. In sum, “I’m just doing me, boo.” Okay, so this latest track may be built more on attitude and repetition than lyrical might, but it’s yet another highly stylish and dangerously confident entry in the Katz-alog. As for the visuals, they’re freaky but minimal, featuring Zebra in a variety of strange outfits looking characteristically crazy/scary via handcuffs, masks, convulsions, and various off-putting eyeball arrangements. “I’m a beast / I need a mate,” he growls at one point. Producer Jepordise will do for the time being, but a little TNGHT or some Ryan Hemsworth wouldn’t hurt for the record.