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Watch Ted Leo and Aimee Mann Cover Famous TV Theme Songs

The Both Cover TV Theme Mash Cheers Community

Hyper-literate singer-songwriters Ted Leo and Aimee Mann make up the Both and they released their debut self-titled LP on Mann’s SuperEgo label back in April. They’ll kick off a country-spanning tour on June 11, but until then you can tide yourself over with a couple of new live videos, one of which finds the duo reinterpreting famous TV show themes into a tidy little medley for Vulture.

When confronted with the prospect of covering a bunch of TV songs, they quickly realized that the result wouldn’t be quite as cheery as some might hope.

“As soon as we started listening to theme songs, we realized the best ones were really depressing,” Mann explains at the start of the video.

With Leo on electric guitar and keyboards and Mann on acoustic, the two tear through a dizzying number of downcast themes from Cheers, Community, Orange Is the New Black, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, WKRP! in Cincinnati, M*A*S*H, and more. You can catch that video above, as well as a performance of “No Sir,” from The Both, below.