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Hear Soundgarden’s Raw 1994 ‘Black Hole Sun’ Demo

Soundgarden, "Black Hole Sun (Demo)"

This week’s “Blood Moon” has passed, but another unusual sky phenomenon has returned. Soundgarden have shared Chris Cornell’s 1994 demo for “Black Hole Sun” ahead of the band’s 20th anniversary Superunknown reissue. Though clearly rougher than the final version, the track doesn’t jolt with huge surprises on early listens, but it’s always intriguing to hear a familiar song in an earlier stage in the creative process, right?

The Superunknown deluxe reissue is on the way on June 3, and you check out the full, lavish details here. On April 19, as part of Record Store Day, the Superunknown singles and B-sides will also be available as set of five 10-inch records. If you want to melt a Barbie on your barbecue, though, you’ll still have to buy your own. Catch Soundgarden on tour this summer with Nine Inch Nails and Death Grips.

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