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Dog Bite’s ‘Dream Feast’ Video Reps Rock’n’Roll Love Triangle

Dog Bite's 'Dream Feast' Video Features Rock'n'Roll Love Triangle

Back in November, Atlanta crew Dog Bite released “Dream Feast,” a dark shoegazer from their second album Tranquilizers, and now they’re back with the song’s video. Seen above, frontman Phil Jones plays PJ Detroit, a budding rock star with a very unhappy landlord/love interest. Drummer Tak Takemura is, appropriately enough, “the drummer,” a loyal friend to Detroit with conflicted interests. Detroit looks every bit the rock star destined for crash-and-burn, gargling red wine before his gig, hiding his face while walking to the venue, and pushing away autograph-seekers. His fiery performance is juxtaposed wonderfully against the slow burn of “Dream Feast,” which is hardly the stuff of such egomaniacal wilding. Enjoy it above and pick up Tranquilizers now via Carpark.