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Deadmau5 to Arcade Fire: ‘Dafuqs Yer Problem’ With Computers?

Deadmau5 Arcade Fire Twitter Rant Computers Instruments

As noted, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler fired a couple of shots at Coachella’s first weekend, one of which dug up the well-worn accusation that electronic artists aren’t actual musicians. “Shout-out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival,” the Canuck orch-rock boss said, and it seems (self-aware) EDM godhead Deadmau5 had his fur ruffled by the comment. Wednesday afternoon, he wrote on Twitter, “shit to remember: A computer is a tool, not an instrument.” It seemed perhaps he agreed with the Reflektor leader, but then the Mau5 tweeteth more:

He ended the minor rant with a vote for genuine orchestral music: “… but seriously, im just sayin… you should get out to the opera if you ever get a chance, the orchestra pit is a cespool of pure skill.” Funny though, because Butler’s other complaint that night involved Coachella’s “fake VIP room bullshit” — a topic Deadmau5 is passionate about as well, judging by his takedown of that Miami club crowd in January.