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Festival Guide: Get Equipped for Another Weekend in Indio

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The first weekend of the big fest in Indio, California, has come and gone, but round two is still on the horizon. The festivities, which resume on April 18, include a staggering lineup of current heavy-hitters (Arcade Fire and Sleigh Bells) and sought-after hall-of-famers (see OutKast, Beck). Unfortunately, a litany of hurdles — including sunburn, caffeine crashes, bunions, and zonked out schlubs trying to reclaim long-lost sandals — come with the festival-experience as well. SPIN had some firsthand experience in Indio this past weekend and we’ve put together a list of what you should have on hand.

Hand sanitizer: Face it: Between packed camping areas and sweaty crowds, your immune system is bound to take a pounding. Keep the germs at bay with a liberal shellacking of hand sanitizer.

Caffeine: With headliners playing til 1 a.m. and a slew of extracurricular activities popping up around you, this isn’t the best place to get your nightly eight hours. There’s no shame in reaching for synthetics to keep on trucking. Keep ’em legal — over the counter or via a cup of Joe.

501® Short: Levi’s® jeans are both trusty and fashionable, and the comfortable 501® shorts are ideal for any woman’s warm-weather-festival-wardrobe. These classics are a must-have for Indio.

Comfy shoes: Don’t decide between the holey Chucks or scuffed up Vans. With all the walking, dancing, and running to secure a front row spot, both pairs of broken-in kicks will be essential. 

Sunscreen: Whether or not you normally slather on sunscreen to listen to music, this is a precaution you have to take in the desert. Pack a can of spray sunscreen so your hands don’t get messy, and slip some SPF chapstick in your pocket. 

Band-Aids: No, this is not a euphemism for a groupie. Give a pack of Band-Aids to the most responsible person in your group of friends — bandages will protect every new cut and scrape from both the desert and the crowds.