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Scuba Takes Audion’s ‘Sky’ to the Basement

Audion Sky Scuba Remix

It would be hard to out-epic Audion’s “Sky,” and that’s not just because it’s 11 minutes long. Like all of Matthew Dear’s work under the mononymous, almost-metonymical alias, “Sky” starts from the simplest of premises — techno for techno’s sake — and just keeps moving outwards from there, expanding its dimensions until the room seems to billow like a Frank Gehry building. Berlin’s Scuba is no stranger to blowing the roof off, but his remix of “Sky” heads in the opposite direction. Suffused in metallic clang, clammy reverb, and steam-pipe hiss, it shoulders grimly, doggedly forward, like a search party in a catacombs.

Scuba’s “Sky” remix is available for download now from the Ghostly store. The full Sky/Motormouth remix EP, also including reworks from Daniel Avery and Matrixxman, comes out on June 30; new Audion material will follow later this year.