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Stream New Matthew Dear Remixes of Every Track on MGMT’s Latest Album

Matthew Dear has remixed every track on MGMT's latest album Little Dark Age. The two acts hit the road together as part of MGMT's 2018…
Rob Arcand / September 29, 2018

Matthew Dear Announces New Album Bunny, Releases “Bunny’s Dream” and “Echo”

Matthew Dear has announced a new album Bunny as the successor to 2012's Beams. Two new songs from the album, "Bunny's Dream" and "Echo," have also been released. Beams is out October…
Isabella Castro-Cota / August 8, 2018

Matthew Dear – “Bad Ones” ft. Tegan and Sara

Matthew Dear linked up with pop duo Tegan and Sara for the luminous new single "Bad Ones." The collaboration comes after Dear remixed Tegan And Sara's "I…
Brian Josephs / August 29, 2017

Matthew Dear – “Modafinil Blues”

It's been awhile since 2012's Beams, but alt-pop savant Matthew Dear is finally back with new music. Named after a brain-boosting "smart drug," "Modafinil Blues"
Rob Arcand / June 29, 2017

Scuba Takes Audion’s ‘Sky’ to the Basement

It would be hard to out-epic Audion's "Sky," and that's not just because it's 11 minutes long. Like all of Matthew Dear's work under the…
Philip Sherburne / April 8, 2014

Audion’s Remix of Daniel Avery’s ‘Need Electric’ Is a Polar Vortex Come to Life

Back in January, the British producer Daniel Avery put his signature touch on a remix of Audion's "Sky," an anthemic new cut included on Audion…
Philip Sherburne / February 18, 2014

Matthew Dear’s Audion Alias Shreds the Dance Floor on ‘Motormouth’

Detroit-reared electronicist Matthew Dear has made his name wedding burbling electronics to his own creepy baritone, crafting an off-kilter brand of pop that bubbles and…
Chris Martins / November 4, 2013

Matthew Dear Electrifies the Hop on ‘Beams’ B-Side ‘She’s Just That Way’

Matthew Dear's fifth album Beams was a masterwork for the avant-inclined singer/producer, combining computerized effects and live instrumentation in a way that brought new bubble and…
Chris Martins / May 30, 2013

Hear Seth Troxler’s Twisted Remix of Matthew Dear’s ‘Fighting Is Futile’

Seth Troxler has been quiet on the production front lately, and no wonder. As Resident Advisor's Will Lynch chronicled after this year's WMC, the rising…
Philip Sherburne / November 16, 2012

Matthew Dear Breaks Down ‘Beams’: Hear the Full Album

Next week, Ghostly International will release Beams, the fifth full-length from well-dressed electro chameleon Matthew Dear. It's a step forward in every way, a record…
David Bevan / August 20, 2012

Matthew Dear on Suiting Up for Shows… in Suits

When someone complains that indie rock is crowded with bearded nerds in thrift-store tees and ripped jeans, I present Matthew Dear as a perfect antidote.
Matt Korvette / March 1, 2012

First Spin: Download Matthew Dear’s ‘In the Middle (I Met You There)’

Avant-pop maestro Matthew Dear raised his profile considerably with 2010's excellent Black City. "In the Middle (I Met You There)" from Dear's new EP, Headcage,…
David Marchese / January 16, 2012