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Hear Louisahhh!!! and Maelstrom Go ‘Night Clubbing’ for Bromance

Louisahhh 'Night Clubbing' Maelstrom Stream Bromance Traces

The goal of Bromance Records, founded by producer Brodinski, is to connect artists who may not have otherwise wound up in the same room (or on the same track) together. House and techno practicioner Louisahhh!!! and left-field rave-ist Maelstrom are the perfect example of the theory in action. When she, hailing from New York, moved to his native France in 2013, the label boss suggested they meet up. One day she appeared at his door “like some techno foreign exchange student,” as Bromance puts it, and the rest is … well, audio. You can hear the pair’s latest collaboration below: “Night Clubbing,” from their March 17 Bromance #15 EP. The track combines a hard and steady bass beat with glistening synth hits, arpeggiating sequencers, and Louisahhh!!!’s own voice: “It’s subliminal, it’s sublime / Brilliant, a thrill divine.” Indeed.