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Franz Ferdinand Go Deutsche for New Wave B-Side ‘Erdbeer Mund’

Franz Ferdinand 'Erdbeer Mund' Stream German Song

Franz Ferdinand go totes Teutonic on their freshly shared B-side “Erdbeer Mund.” Alex Kapranos, Twitter-beef quasher extraordinaire, sings in German throughout the entire song, which happens to be jaunty Gary Numan-esque new wave treat. Or maybe Men With Hats — either way, it sounds like something J Dilla would’ve slowed down or dusted up until what’s left was a tasty, bite-sized donut. But we digress. The new song’s title translates to “Strawberry Mouth,” which is fitting because on April 7, it’ll be paired with Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action track “Fresh Strawberries” for a single release. Hear both cuts below.