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Deniro Farrar Flexes Over Fuzz in ‘UnderCover Fan’ Video

Deniro Farrar Undercover Fan Video F4mily Matters

Deniro Farrar recently sat down with SPIN to discuss, among other things, his decision to refer to the music he makes as “cult rap.” But hit play on the video above, and you get the broad strokes pretty quickly. His gravelly voice and confident delivery are the stuff of leadership to be sure, he’s got on-camera charisma to spare, and his taste in beats winds up pairing all of that with some of the spookier, more cryptic productions out there making the rounds. What’s great about the video for “UnderCover Fan” is that the song is two years old — it hails from the North Carolina MC’s 2012 Destiny Altered album — yet sounds as fresh as anything else he’s done of late. The clip also doubles as a lookbook for Charlotte clothing brand F4mily Matters. Pull the trigger on that “fully loaded weapon” up top.