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Broken Bells’ Big Pink Thing Travels the World for ‘Leave It Alone’ Lyric Video

Broken Bells 'Leave It Alone' Lyric Video

Just a day after Broken Bells released their second album, the excellent After the Disco, the duo keeps the hype-train a rollin’ with a lyric video for bluesy single “Leave It Alone.” While it doesn’t have the production value of their sci-fi short “Holding on for Life” or star power in the form of Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin, the visuals are certainly pleasant enough. Here, that big geometric pink orb that graced Broken Bells’ 2010 self-titled debut travels around Earth, morphing into different shapes, including a giant hand and head. If James Mercer and Danger Mouse are sending a message, it certainly seems to be “if you see a giant pink orb, leave it alone.” Broken Bells kick off their tour in support of After the Disco on February 28 at Minneapolis’ First Avenue.