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Hear OFF! Shred on Breakneck ‘Void You Out’

Keith Morris' harcore punks to drop 'Wasted Years ' LP April 8 via Vice Records

With the Black Flag vs. FLAG dispute pretty much settled — popularly if not legally — the latter’s leader should be feeling pleasantly footloose. And sure enough Keith Morris has reactivated his hardcore punk posse OFF! for a new album on April 8. Vice Records will release Wasted Years, a 16-track shredder featuring first taste “Void You Out.” Heard below, this particular ripper blasts off with a bass bowwwww then explodes into a breakneck freak-out about getting beaten down in the land of the free. Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven McDonald, and drummer Mario Rubalcab recorded the whole set live in their Los Angeles practice space, to 8-track on 1/2-inch tape. Artist Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag, Sonic Youth) provides the cover art.

Wasted Years track list:

1. “Void You Out”
2. “Red White and Black”
3. “Legion of Evil”
4. “No Easy Escape”
5. “Over Our Heads”
6. “Hypnotized”
7. “It Didn’t Matter To Me”
8. “Exorcised”
9. “Death Trip on the Party Train”
10. “I Won’t Be a Casualty”
11. “All I Can Grab”
12. “Time’s Not On Your Side”
13. “Meet Your God”
14. “Mr. Useless”
15. “You Must Be Damned”
16. “Wasted Years”

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