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Watch Dam-Funk Sling Deep Grooves for Hour-Long Boiler Room DJ Set

Dam-Funk Boiler Room DJ Set Video San Francisco

When we sat down with Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk to discuss their album 7 Days of Funk, the pair dropped a serious truth: “You can funk for another seven days. You can funk until the end of time.” If anyone’s been committed to that cause, it’s Dam, the Pasadena-raised producer/singer who’s been churning out electro-infused, keytar-enhanced, wonderfully earnest grooves with Stones Throw Records for the past six years. He also host-DJs the long-running, boogie-centric Funkmosphere party in Los Angeles, so, on occasion, the man gets to share his knowledge of the art form with others. That certainly was the case in October when, ahead of the 7 Days release date, Mr. Funk joined Madlib, Kyle Hall, inc., Ras G, and others to perform at the Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 003 Treasure Island Festival 2-Room Broadcast. The man’s 60-minute set can be seen in full above, complete with air-guitar solos (33:30) and a “Hood Pass Intact” sing-along (38:27). Funk a little longer, why doncha?

Download Dam-Funk’s full Boiler Room set here: