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Stream Vaadat Charigim’s Radiant Shoegaze Album ‘The World Is Well Lost’

Vaadat Charigim The World Is Well Lost Album Stream Israeli Shoegaze

It’s handy enough to think of Vadaat Charigim as the “Israeli shoegaze band,” but that’s also unfairly reductive. Sure, there are bendy guitars and walls of fuzz — just listen to their debut album The World Is Well Lost below — but you’ll also find the springy sound of Slumberland Records, and the vocal swoon of Morrissey mixed up with the punk-punk’ed hum of Ian Curtis. And sure, this trio is from Tel Aviv, but they’re perfectly at home on California cassette bastion Burger Records, who’ll release the record on November 12. (Warm Ratio will handle vinyl, and ANOVA CD and digital.) Listen to that eight-track feat of apartment-recorded excellence (really) right here:

Vaadat Charigim, The World Is Well Lost track list:

1. “Odisea”
2. “Kezef Al Hamayim”
3. “Lehitorer Velo Lada’at”
4. “Ze Beseder Lefahed”
5. “Haolam Avad Mizman”
6. “Ein Nehama Ladoachim”
7. “Kmo Lahzor Habaita”
8. “Mahshefot”