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Here’s What Kurt Cobain Would Look Like Today

Kurt Cobain Today What Would Look Like

Public relations firm Sachs Media Group commissioned a series of “age progression” images that guestimate the likely appearance of certain deceased music legends were they still with us today. Among them: Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, and a particularly terrifying looking Elvis Presley. Oh, and did we mention Kurt Cobain?

Yep. There’s the Nirvana leader above (and below) looking rather grown — he’d be 46 today had he not passed in April of 1994. The editing was done by Phojoe, using the same technology employed to help find missing persons, Stereogum points out. Sachs also brought in a pair of musicologists to deliver the old “Where would they be now?” treatment. Regarding Cobain, Dr. Reebee Garofalo and Elijah Wald wrote:

Given his aversion to celebrity, had Cobain lived he would likely have continued to work with Nirvana but also explored smaller, less commercial projects with other players, trying to recapture some of the anonymity and artistic freedom of his early years. He would probably have pursued artistic outlets offstage and behind the scenes, eschewing the limelight and using his fame to bring attention to young musicians on the cutting edge, as well as exploring his deep interest in Americana styles by producing and collaborating with older roots artists.

Kurt Cobain Today What Would Look Like