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Black Moon Are Takin’ Ya Back in ‘Enta Da Stage’ Documentary

At last, the cover photo stain on DJ Evil Dee's sweatshirt explained

It’s no secret that 1993 was an incredible year for hip-hop. Even NPR knows that. But one of the albums central to that year’s gilded status is the boom-bap classic Enta Da Stage by Black Moon. The members of the group — MCs Buckshot and 5ft, and DJ Evil Dee — are savvy to that fact as well, and they’ve been celebrating their debut long-player’s 20th anniversary of late. On Wednesday night (October 16), the trio played the Music Hall of Williamsburg in conjunction with the CMJ Music Marathon, and on Enta’s original release date (October 19) they’ll throw a streaming concert and Q&A via The latter treat will cost $5 per view, but above you’ll find a free documentary short from Black Moon’s old label Duck Down. Therein, the trio trace the history of their beloved album, from the group’s origins in the New York City break-dance scene, to recording Enta with no budget and a bad-apple engineer, to the stain on Dee’s sweatshirt now immortalized on the record cover. Watch that above, and get taken back with “How Many MCs…” below.