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Watch Nite Jewel Retell ‘This Story’ at a Bewitching Karaoke Session

Nite Jewel, "This Story," 'One Second of Love' video

Nite Jewel continues a stretch of low-key, memorable videos from last year’s nocturnal synth-pop album One Second of Love. For the title track, a dinner party turned weird. For weightless “Clive,” the bedroom act (a.k.a. Ramona Gonzalez) sings in what looks like an actual bedroom. And the clip for the comparatively urgent “Memory Man” was more nonsensical, but its surrealist tone was still fitting. Now Stereogum points to the video for torch-song opener “This Story,” a track in keeping with the gentler moments of transcontinental peers Chairlift, and once again, the visuals only make the song better. Directed by Emily Kuntz, the clip shows Gonzalez singing the song in an empty room, complete with melodramatic gestures for what must be the saddest karaoke party ever. It’s a way to convey emotion without the risk of coming across as cheesy, and although there’s a time and a place for risking cheesiness, this video is wholly enjoyable for what it is. More Nite Jewel on karaoke playlists, please.