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Lurve Stream Hook-Heavy Punk Ripper ‘Hey Babe’ LP

Lurve Hey Babe Album Stream Broken Circles

Brooklyn fuzz junkies Lurve look like punks and shred like punks, but they bless all of that noise with crunchy grooves and powerful melodies — who cares if you can’t quite make out the words of the hook, you’ll slur-sing along anyhow because the chorus compels you. Below you’ll find Hey Babe, the debut album from Justin Magnus, Mikey Watkins, Dan Straughn, and Mike Spyros, which rips through 11 candy-coated shred-bombs in less than 30 minutes.

The boys themselves hail from a handful of Northeastern hardcore units, but their stylistic forefathers are folks like Dinosaur Jr. and Jawbreaker, with a close cousin being Wavves, of course. Toss in a little power-pop and you’ve got an undeniable gem in album opener “Wires.” Hey Babe is out Tuesday, August 27 on Broken Circles.