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Watch Wavves Shotgun Energy Drinks and Sing Papa Roach

Wavves Bug Video Interview Monster Energy Drink Shotgun

In spring of last year, punk-pop hooligans Wavves joined Los Angeles comic/director Andre Hyland for a taping of The Jesse Miller Show. Though the Comedy Central pilot wound up getting shelved, its creator has now shared the footage featuring the band, which kicks off with a performance of “Bug” (from the Life Sux EP) and gloriously devolves into a gonzo interview from there. The show has Hyland playing the titular host, a nü-metal-loving redneck with Hollywood-sized hopes.

During the song, Miller moshes into the in-studio audience* but things get wilder after the two-minute mark. Offered complimentary cans of Monster Energy Drink, the band decides bassist Stephen Pope should shotgun the thing. He then belts out the chorus to Papa Roach’s “Last Resort,” eats a chicken finger that came from a drawer, and — possibly in a guarana-fueled Hulk rage — tears his vintage Metallica shirt in half. We use the word “interview” lightly as only a few words are exchanged, but the memories are many.

*Full disclosure: Yours truly is in that audience and was the show’s music supervisor.