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Thanks Jay Z: Watch Skrillex Teach Ron Howard How to Wub

Jay Z Made in America Documentary Ron Howard Trailer Skrillex

As previously reported, Jay Z enlisted none other than Ron Howard to direct a documentary about his Made In America festival, which took place in Philadelphia last year and featured performances from Run DMC, Pearl Jam, Rick Ross, Tyler the Creator, and Drake among many others. With a Toronto film fest premiere planned for September, the team behind Made in America, the movie, have shared a very effective trailer for the film. Chock-full of slow-motion crowd shots, eerie smoke, intense scoring, a crew guy who speaks exactly like Jesse Pinkman, serious thoughts from Janelle Monáe, and Beyoncé staring wistfully out of car windows, the clip is as dramatic as anything that preceded The Da Vinci Code. Also, there’s a moment where Howard requests a music lesson from Skrillex. As Hova himself says, “I believe every human being has genius-level talent.” Still, don’t expect DJ Opie to appear on any Electric Daisy bills anytime soon.