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Glass Candy’s ‘Redheads Feel More Pain’ Video Is a Day at the Beach

Glass Candy, "Redheads Feel More Pain," video, Ida No, Johnny Jewel, 'After Dark 2,' Italians Do It Better

Italians Do It Better tends to sneak up on fans with its releases. A follow-up to the label’s 2007 compilation After Dark came up as a possibility long before After Dark 2 finally hit RSS feeds. A few months after the latest mix of dark, synth-driven disco by label mainstay Johnny Jewel, it’s well worth revisiting one of the new comp’s highlights. Glass Candy’s “Redheads Always Feel Pain” doesn’t have the immediate melodicism of the Ida No-fronted group’s earlier singles like “I Always Say Yes” or “Miss Broadway,” but it’s seductively sinister and cinematic. In fact, No’s half-spoken lyrics could almost be dialogue in a movie scored by Jewel (Cliff Martinez’s Drive soundtrack featured songs by two of Jewel’s other projects, Desire and Chromatics). The song’s new video, shot on location in Ibiza by frequent Italians Do It Better collaborator Alberto Rossino, uses screen tests from a photo shoot by past Glass Candy video director Martin D’Argensio. The result is a disorienting contrast — blond hair, not red, and sun-dappled Mediterranean waters, not the murky Gotham nights conjured by the production — but not a painful one.