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Fall Out Boy and Big Sean Get Brutally Beaten in ‘The Mighty Fall’ Video

Fall Out Boy, Big Sean, 'The Mighty Fall,' video, 'Save Rock and Roll'

Rock’n’roll salvation? The kids don’t like it. In the fifth installment of Fall Out Boy’s series of videos from this year’s Save Rock and Roll, the reunited emo-pop gents continue to show themselves in states of torture and distress. For “The Mighty Fall,” a jagged call-and-response construction befitting frontman Patrick Stump’s solo album title Soul Punk, it’s a gang of maurading youth committing the ultraviolence. Big Sean, whose just-released sophomore album Hall of Fame deserves more attention than you might’ve expected, also falls victim to the swinging of baseball bats and axes. To figure out what’s going on, revisit the videos for videos for “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up),” “The Phoenix,” “Young Volcanoes,” and “Alone Together.” How do the mighty fall? Bloodily.