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Stream Zorch’s ‘Zzoorrcchh,’ a Maximal Pop Masterwork

Zorch Zzoorrcchh Album Stream Shmu Sargent House

We heard from Austin’s Zorch back in February when they shared the maximal pop explosion that was “We All Die Young.” Despite the track’s outwardly macabre name, the song was a celebration of our time spent on Earth: “What a day, let’s celebrate it!” Keyboardist/singer Zac Traeger and drummer/singer Shmu apply that same exuberant and experimental take on the YOLO Doctrine across their entire debut album, Zzoorrcchh, out July 23 via Sargent House.

Traces of Animal Collective, Dan Deacon, Hella, and Jaga Jazzist can be heard, as can the glitched bliss of chiptune music and the indomitable thrust and pacing of punk. But considering the incredible verve that these two apply to swirling up their influences, the end result is truly their own. Don’t take our word for it, though.

Stream Zorch’s entire LP below, and make sure to dive deep into the 10-minute, supremely soulful beauty that is “Cosmic Gloss,” which alternately might make a perfect name for the group’s genre-of-one. (Also, it’s worth mentioning Zorch’s 2011, ahem, tribute to our senior editor Christopher R. Weingarten. Cheers, boys. We see you.) 

Zorch, Zzoorrcchh track list:

1. “My Joy Is Explosion”
2. “We All Die Young”
3. “It’s Kind of a Deal Where…”
4. “This Is the Way It Goes”
5. “Mutwa”
6. “Zut Alors”
7. “Inopportune Sailing”
8. “Cosmic Gloss”
9. “Oceans Dawn”