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Hear Zorch’s Wild Celebration of Life ‘We All Die Young’

Zorch / Photo by Ben Aqua

Austin duo Zorch made a little rumble a couple years back with a pair of EPs that demonstrated just how good “weird” can be. Specifically, their Cosmic Gloss demonstrated a fantastic amalgam of glistening sounds: the sun-kissed psychedelia of Flaming Lips, the smart instrumentality of Jaga Jazzist and the cut-up aesthetics of Animal Collective. Keyboardist Zac Traeger and the drummer named Shmu (both also sing and play omnichord) are now prepping their debut album Zzoorrcchh for a summer release on Los Angeles’ Sargent House. Our first taste of the thing comes in the form of “We All Die Young,” which sallies forth sporting the same kind of fierce exuberance that their labelmates Fang Island are celebrated for. That might make the song’s title seem a bit antithetical, but a closer read of the lyrics tell a different story: this song is a blazing tribute to the brief time that we do have here on this Earth. “What a day, let’s celebrate it / I want to feel elated!” Us too. Let’s go.