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Tim Hecker Veers ‘Off the Rails’ on New Album ‘Virgins’

tim hecker, virgins

Tim Hecker will return this fall with a brand new album. The ambient maestro’s latest full-length is titled Virgins and it’s due October 14 via KrankyPaper Bag Records will handle the Canadian release. 

Recorded mostly in Reykjavik, Montreal, and Seattle last year, the follow-up to 2011’s Ravedeath, 1972 boasts a “wider” sonic palette than Hecker’s previous works. A press release describes the LP as “almost ‘percussive’ and tighter sounding,” noting that “while this album remains committed to a painterly form of musical abstraction, it is also a record of restrained composition recorded live.”

The electronic mastermind (and Oneohtrix Point Never associate) reportedly ditched the “gristled distortion and cavernous sound” of his last studio effort in favor of something “airy [and] more defined.” Expect woodwinds, piano, and synths to populate Virgins, and also prepare for “some pieces to go off the rails before forming into anything.” So, yeah, it’s a Tim Hecker record.

To drum up further anticipation for the impending 12-track collection, Kranky will also reissue Hecker’s 2004 album, Mirages, making it available on vinyl for the first time.

Virgins track list: 

1. “Prism”
2. “Virginal I”
3. “Radiance”
4. “Live Room”
5. “Live Room Out”
6. “Virginal II”
7. “Black Refraction”
8. “Incense at Abu Ghraib”
9. “Amps, Drugs, Harmonium”
10. “Stigmata I” 
11. “Stigmata II”
12. “Stab Variation”