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It’s Time We Leave Justin Bieber Alone

It's Time We Leave Justin Bieber Alone

A video has surfaced that, according to TMZ, shows Justin Bieber urinating in a restaurant kitchen on his way out of a New York City nightclub earlier in 2013. At the end of the clip, Bieber’s face becomes visible, as he passes by a photo of former President Bill Clinton, sprays cleaning liquid at the photo, and says, “Fuck Bill Clinton!” The video comes as the singer has emerged from a year or so of public-relations mishaps, including feuding with his neighbors and showing up at concerts late enough to draw boos.

It’s an ugly, unlikable clip. Bieber and his crew laugh and boast about the “piss break.” A comment of “where’s my beer?” at the end suggests drinking has been involved. Bieber’s pants are sagging lower than everAnd we feel bad for the poor worker who is going to have to use a mop that has been soaked in Bieber pee. We do.

Still, Bieber is a 19-year-old receiving an amount of attention it’s almost impossible to imagine. Most people may have behaved stupidly once or twice when they were 19 years old. Not all of us were so unlucky as to have the people we behaved stupidly with take smartphone pics and (presumably) sell them to TMZ. So when TMZ calls Bieber “an oblivious, self-important little twit,” that may be true, but there’s plenty of piss to go around.