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Kanye West’s Unaired HBO Pilot Footage Is Four Minutes of Awkward

Kanye West HBO pilot

Back in 2008, Kanye West deemed himself “the black Larry David” and filmed a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style pilot for HBO. The untitled show never made it to the air, thanks to HBO deeming the show too “hardcore,” according to director Larry Charles, who’s the aforementioned show’s executive producer.

Footage uploaded by West’s co-star Alison Quinn back in 2010 has started making the rounds online. In it, Kanye visits a Make-a-Wish kid only to find out the sickly child prefers Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, and a few other rappers. Since it’s her reel, Quinn gets a lot of the airtime here, though there are a few Kanye lines that’ll make you chuckle. But if this clip is indicative of the entire pilot, we can see why HBO decided to keep it on the shelf.