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Bjork’s New Nature Doc Explores Music, Evolution, and, Yep, Whales

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Björk has teamed with British broadcasting legend David Attenborough for a new documentary about the relationship between music, nature, and technology. Directed by Louise Hooper, the film — which is titled Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music — is set to air on the U.K.’s Channel 4 this Saturday, July 27 at 7 p.m. (local time) as part of the network’s ongoing Mad4Music season, a series of “groundbreaking films that challenge the way we hear and think about music.” The doc was produced by Pulse Films (the same company that worked on last year’s LCD Soundsystem flick Shut Up And Play The Hits) and was reportedly inspired by Björk’s multimedia 2011 album, Biophilia.

As Channel 4 points out, The Nature of Music will “tell the remarkable story of how and why music has evolved, our unique relationship with it, and how technology might transform the way we engage with it in the future.” Various instruments used in Björk’s Biophilia project will feature heavily in the film (the pendulum-harp,” “Sharpsicord,” and “Gameleste” among them), while Attenborough (who narrated Biophilia‘s iPad functions) will focus on how music exists in nature, using footage of the lyre bird and blue whales, as well as other animals. For a quick peek at the documentary, watch the above trailer for Channel 4’s Mad4Music programming.