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Soko and Ariel Pink Actualize Some ‘Monster Love’ in Charming Short Film

Soko Ariel Pink Monster Love Video

Actress and singer Soko has laid down years of groundwork in her native France, but she’s now looking to expand her audience stateside. With an assist from Community Music — the label founded by Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and Ima Robot — for both her recently released I Thought I Was an Alien LP and the forthcoming My Dreams Dictate My Reality, she should have more than a fighting chance. The VHS-shot short film above offers an able assist as well, setting a charming narrative to a pair of songs: the unreleased “Monster Love” featuring Ariel Pink, and Alien‘s “I Just Want to Make It New With You.”

Set to humble-yet-pretty bedroom pop, the Soko-directed clip follows a well-meaning monster’s attempts to find romance in a city full of regular humans (and the occasional mermaid). His razor-sharp claws and horrendous teeth make him an unlikely candidate for love, and he nearly strikes out. But after a sad stroll through Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood (note the wall from the cover of Elliott Smith’s Figure 8), he meets a woman who’s clearly dealing with the same setbacks. As their newfound beauty begins to melt away the superficial ugliness, we discover that the young woman is Soko herself.