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DJ Sliink and Nadus Take Ciara’s ‘Body Party’ to the Club via Jersey Club Remix

#THREAD collective beatsmiths sweat all over the original

Earlier this year we wrote about DJ Sliink’s #THREAD collective, a crew of Newark, New Jersey-based DJs paving the way for the city’s frantic Jersey Club party music to hit the mainstream. The group is representative of a newer, younger class of local producers that turn the genre’s classic flip of Baltimore breaks, heavy bass, and sampled vocals into ridiculously catchy, awesomely popped, booty-bouncing romps. These are songs that ooze aggressive bass lines, comically chopped hooks, and basically any sort of sexual innuendo they can get away with.

That said, it’s no surprise that DJ Sliink and fellow #THREAD-head Nadus’ latest remix is a smooth reworking of Ciara’s come-hither love song “Body Party.” This go isn’t a slave to bass, though — instead, it’s a willing prisoner to the R&B queen’s taunts. “I can do it slow now” echoes over bouncing mattress springs and a rolling sing-song break before launching into a battle of percussive flair between the two producers. Where “Body Party” is a massive tool of seduction on its own, this remix gives lovers a valid excuse to bump’n’grind in the club, too.