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Hear Arp Ditch Synths for a Church Organ on ‘More (Blues)’

arp, more, Alexis Georgopoulos

Arp, a.k.a. electro composer Alexis Georgopoulos, is leaving synth abstraction behind on his next album. On September 17, Smalltown Supersound will release MORE, a 12-track collection that marks a dramatic shift for the New York-based artist. According to an official announcement, the proper follow-up to 2010’s slow-burning The Soft Wave melds “bedroom art-pop with avant-garde composition to create a world of heady atmospherics and melodic songcraft over its concentrated 46-minute arc.” 

The LP is played almost entirely by Georgopoulos and dips into a variety of specific styles and sub-genres, among them: “’70s art rock, autumnal baroque pop, musique concréte, minimalistic piano epics, narcotic gospel, sound library atmospheres, and delicate space folk.” For a peek at the so-called “narcotic gospel” tune, find swaying, horn-swollen “More (Blues)” below. 

MORE track list: 

1. “High-Heeled Clouds”
2. “Judy Nylon”
3. “A Tiger in the Hall at Versailles”
4. “E2 Octopus”
5. “Light + Sound”
6. “17th Daydream”
7. “Gravity (for Charlemagne Palestine)”
8. “Invisible Signals”
9. “More (Blues)”
10. “V2 Slight Return”
11. “Daphne & Chloe”
12. “Persuasion”