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Stream Lana Del Rey’s Groovy ‘Queen of Disaster’ Leak

Lana Del Rey Queen of Disaster stream

Where has she been hiding this one? A welcome reprieve from overwrought period-drama soundtracks, Lana Del Rey’s Motown-referencing “Queen of Disaster” demo has leaked online. No word yet on the origins of the song or what she plans to do with it (a rep couldn’t immediately be reached for comment), but the track’s chiming, charming ’60s feel is right in line with her self-released covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel Chelsea No. 2” and O.G. Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine.” “Queen of Disaster” is very much an original Lana Del Rey joint, stickered with all her usual motifs: beauty, bad boys, ballerinas, and oh so much spinning. This time around, though, she ditches the doom and gloom for a pop-radio-friendly tempo. Enjoy it below.