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Back to School: Kanye West Stars in 45-Minute Fan-Made Documentary

Kanye West

Kanye West has recently been screaming about being a god at a New York City gala and jetsetting for an apparent Will Ferrell movie cameo, so it’s worth remembering how we got here. Now, as Consequence of Sound points out, West fan James Workman has assembled a 45-minute refresher on the rapper, titled Where the Lonely Kids Go When the Bell Rings. Posting on forum Kanye to The, Workman writes: “My first intention was to make like a 10 minute video with Kanye quotes and such, but I had so much material so I decided to make it a tad longer. The closest I could get to a real documentary. (We really need one in all honesty).” With footage from every solo album, it looks like a fine way to get caught up ahead of West’s May 18 Saturday Night Live gig.

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