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Watch Brian Eno Unpack His Very Big Brain … for 81 Minutes

Red Bull Music Academy's "illustrated talk" now online

Brian Eno showed off his very large brain to a select group of journalists and upstart musicians last week for a moderated discussion hosted by the Red Bull Music Academy, which has set up shop in New York City for a series of events happening throughout the month of May. As SPIN’s David Marchese noted, Eno talked about how technology can stunt creativity, explained that his own music comes from parasympathetic impulses (biological impulses related to rest and surrender), and swore that his 1975 ambient masterpiece, Discreet Music, has soundtracked many births. Now fans can watch the 81-minute lecture in its entirety up top (via the Guardian).

The event was organized by Red Bull Music Academy, which is also presenting the East Coast debut of Eno’s audio-visual installation 77 Million Paintings. As SPIN previously reported, 77 Million Paintings is what inspired English doctors to prescribe Eno’s music to patients in need of relaxation. Throughout the “illustrated talk,” Eno discusses the restorative effects of his work, and touches on many other subjects, including his open-membership a capella group in London, and the common link between Pablo Picasso, Miles Davis, and Prince.

77 Million Paintings is currently on view at 145 West 32nd Street until June 2. The exhibition is open from noon to 8 p.m. every day except Monday.

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