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Tyler, the Creator’s Drunk-Driving Goat Gets Pulled Over in Latest Mountain Dew Ad

Felicia is cited for "Dew-U.I.," get it?

Last month when Mountain Dew unveiled Tyler, the Creator’s gonzo commercial, the Wolf rapper immediately tweeted “CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE COMES OUT AHHHH.” Well, here’s the next one.

Like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, and Scorsese and De Niro before them, Tyler — under his directorial pseudonym Wolf Haley — casts his cinematic muse, Felicia, the Goat, in this slightly less trippy but equally zany sequel. Felicia, in a smart tuxedo, is pulled over for speeding by a highway patrolman, played by Odd Future’s own L-Boy Lionel Boyce. The cop soon discovers that the old Benz is trafficking a trunk full of those neon lime bottles, resulting in a clear-cut case of “Dew-U.I.” But, fleet-footed on four legs, Felicia flees the scene, which means this saga is To Be Continued…