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Hear Mykki Blanco Get Bleakly ‘Bugged Out!!!!’ With Supreme Cuts

Mykki Blanco 'Bugged Out!!!!' Supreme Cuts Download

Mykki Blanco was supposed to deliver her new EP, Betty Rubble: The Initiation, in March but instead left us with a single rugged heater to fight over, “Feeling Special.” We haven’t been updated on when that set is actually going to drop, but we can certainly settle on a brand new track — produced by Supreme Cuts, no less. “Bugging Out!!!!” kicks off with a woozy swirl of synths soon accompanied by rattling trap drums, and fades in and out of consciousness while Blanco does her thing. We’d say she sounds particularly confident on this one, but Mykki seems to sound this cocksure every time, growling and swaggering and mincing depending on what’s needed. “Yo for real, I hate a followin’ nigga,” she taunts at one point, “Male groupies are the worst unless you’re swallowin’, nigga.” Blanco also awesomely calls out rappers who rely on the “no homo” clause, and just generally wields black magic all over the damn place.