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Stream ‘Grownass Man,’ From Justin Vernon’s Alt-Country Side Project the Shouting Matches

Justin Vernon the Shouting Matches grownass man stream

Justin Vernon can’t sit still. In addition to avidly working on his cardio, the Bon Iver leader moonlights with his side project Volcano Choir, and lends vocals to everyone from Kanye West to his go-to saxophonist Colin Stetson. Now you can sample even more Vernon in the form of Grownass Man, the new album from the Shouting Matches, Vernon’s other side project that co-stars Brian Moen (of Peter Wolf Crier) and Phil Cook (of Megafaun and DeYarmond Edison).

Don’t expect any “Beth/Rest” or songs named after Canadian cities; Grownass Man alternates between the alt-country sound of Uncle Tupelo and the boozy blues-rock of the Allman Brothers. Bon Iver diehards might follow Vernon down this unusual path, but don’t expect Kanye to be sampling any Grownass tracks any time soon.

Grownass Man is out April 9 on Middle West. Catch the Shouting Matches live at Coachella this weekend, too.