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Stream Dirty Projectors’ Clap-Along Remix of Phoenix’s ‘Entertainment’


Phoenix’s “Entertainment” keeps proving its value, whether as arty entertainment or as entertaining art (or whatever else!), and Dirty Projectors’ playful remix is the latest example. The Brooklyn band’s reworking of the first single from the current SPIN cover stars‘ lusciously oblique Bankrupt! follows a blippy, electronics-based take by Grizzly Bear, a laid-back cover by Dinosaur Jr., and an ’80s R&B slow-dance version by Blood Orange. Of these, Dirty Projectors’ remix, with trappy claps, swooning loops of Thomas Mars’ voice saying “I love,” and choral harmonies, is probably closest to Grizzly Bear’s. But it’s all over the place, too: “Show them what you do with me,” Mars sings, and the Swing Lo Magellan band’s answer must be, “A lot.”

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