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Daft Punk’s ‘Collaborators’ Video Features Giorgio Moroder, ‘Random Access Memories’ Bits

Daft Punk Giorgio Moroder Random Access Memories Video

Daft Punk hace shared the first in a series of videos fittingly called The Collaborators, which focuses on the artists that the Parisian electro-house duo worked with in order to create their long-awaited new album Random Access Memories. The first guest is Italo-disco king and synthesizer wizard Giorgio Moroder, a legend revered in the underground whose biggest brush with the mainstream was producing Donna Summer’s biggest hits.

As previously reported, Moroder has contributed to Daft Punk’s first album in eight years — apparently he recorded a monologue about his life utilizing a series of vintage microphones chosen to represent each decade in his long and illustrious career. In the clip above, Moroder discusses a bit of that history, including his early fascination with the Moog and his studio time with Summer, and also speaks on the birth of “electronic dance music.”

Regarding his new French friends, Moroder says Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are perfectionists, and that he isn’t, but that they’re serving the same masters: the beat, and your feet. “Everybody likes to dance,” says the 72-year-old sweetly. “For 10 minutes or an hour, or 10 hours, you forget your problems and it makes people happy.” The enlightening interview is bookended by that new “Get Lucky” snippet. Feeling fortunate?