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Hear Norwegian Disco Upstart Andre Bratten’s Answer to ‘Inspector Norse’

'Be A Man You Ant' Cover Art

Disco and astrology often went hand in hand, and Norway’s André Bratten revives the tradition with “Libra,” one of the standout songs from his album Be a Man You Ant, forthcoming from Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp label. He sure picked the right star sign for the song’s title: “Libra” is airy, elegantly harmonized, and, above all, extraordinarily balanced, playing out a daydream of a melody over a steely robo-disco groove.

Its lilting refrain and easygoing groove are reminiscent of Todd Terje’s 2012 smash “Inspector Norse,” which might not be entirely coincidental: Bratten is something of a protégé of Lindstrøm and Terje, whose studio he shares. Like “Inspector Norse,” “Libra” is an anthem masquerading as a whimsical ditty; don’t be surprised to find a wide swath of clubbers congregating around this one this summer. Just like its gregarious namesake, it’s a surefire crowdpleaser.

Listen to the song in full below; Be a Man You Ant is out May 6.