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See Rick Ross Humblebrag, Baby Leopard on His Lap, in ‘Ashamed’ Video

rick ross ashamed video

In SPIN’s review of Rick Ross’ official 2012 offering, God Forgives, I Don’t, reviewer Zach Baron pointed out that “you get the sense he’s been thinking about the past, not the future. Ross’ triumphalism has become almost nostalgic.” And so it is with “Ashamed,” a Wilson Pickett-sampling song with a confidently slow stomp to it, which finds the Bawse enumerating his many accomplishments in detail. But for all of the obvious signposts of personal achievement and career advancement, the man just can’t shake the feeling that deep down in his core, he is and shall forever be a “dope boy.” Still, Rozay is not actually that ashamed of anything he’s saying, and the just-out music video for the song drives the point home with a diamond-encrusted sledgehammer.

The clip finds Ross at home surrounded by opulence of nearly every variety. We see some lovely architecture, a nearly nude woman, lots of expensive chains, magazine covers, record packs, vodka, and what appears to be an adolescent leopard lounging on the rapper’s lap, perversely batting at his ridiculous fur coat. Could this be Ricky’s attempt to repent by exposing his shameful addiction to material goods (and wildcats)? Nay, this is a five-minute exercise in hip-hop #humblebrag that only serves to drive home the point that the Maybach Music head is richer than God. Mackelmore would be wise to pay attention.