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Good Luck Finding Jandek’s Record Store Day-Exclusive Vinyl Box Set

jandek, record store day

In a 1993 SPIN feature on Nirvana, when the subject of Jandek comes up, Kurt Cobain is quoted as saying, “[Jandek’s] not pretentious… but only pretentious people like his music.”

Well, if you fall into that category, get excited for this year’s Record Store Day (April 20), which promises a limited edition box set collecting three of the outsider icon’s earliest full-lengths: 1978’s Ready For the House, 1981’s Six and Six, and 1982’s Chair Beside a Window.

This RSD-exclusive vinyl set, limited to 500 copies worldwide, comes hand-numbered and packaged in a deluxe hardbound slipcase, along with three Jandek posters. Jackpot Records is teaming with Houston-based label Corwood Industries to distribute the upcoming retrospective; since Jandek’s 1978 debut, the aforementioned Ready For the House, Corwood Industries has released more than 70 albums from the reclusive songwriter, whom Jackpot describes as “one of the most respected but least heard artists of our time.”

Other treasures waiting to be discovered on Record Store Day include rarities and reissues from the White Stripes, Soundgarden, MGMT, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and many more. For a list of participating record shops, click here.

Ready For the House track list:

1. “Naked in the Afternoon”
2. “First You Think Your Fortune’s Lovely”
3. “What Can I Say, What Can I Sing”
4. “Show Me the Way, O Lord”
5. “Know Thy Self”
6. “They Told Me About You”
7. “Cave In on You”
8. “They Told Me I Was a Fool”
9. “European Jewel (Incomplete)”

Six and Six track list:

1. “Feathered Drums”
2. “Point Judith”
3. “I Knew You Would Leave”
4. “Can I See Your Clock”
5. “Wild Strawberries”
6. “Forgive Me”
7. “Hilltop Serenade”
8. “You’re the Best One”
9. “Delinquent Words”

Chair Beside a Window track list:

1. “Down in a Mirror”
2. “European Jewel”
3. “Unconditional Authority”
4. “Poor Boy”
5. “You Think You Know How to Score”
6. “Nancy Sings”
7. “No Break”
8. “Mostly All From You”
9. “Blue Blister”
10. “The Times”
11. Love, Love”
12. “The First End”