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OFF! Cancels Tour as Keith Morris Recovers From Diabetic Coma

Keith Morris Diabetic Coma OFF! Tour Cancelled Black FLAG Reunion

In the wee hours of the morning, badass hardcore punk supergroup OFF! announced that they’ve canceled their West Coast tour, which was set to launch in San Diego, California on Thursday night. Citing illness, via Facebook, the band apologized and also pledged to do their best to reschedule “in the near future.” In a new interview with Rolling Stone, former Circle Jerk/current OFF! singer/Black FLAG revivalist Keith Morris explained what happened:

“I’m a diabetic and I failed to eat lunch. Came back, hung out with my girlfriend, and the whole idea was that we were going to do what grown-ups do – go take a nap and go get something to eat. It should have been reversed – I should have eaten first. So we did what we did, and I passed out. As I passed out, I actually blacked out and went into a diabetic-induced coma. So I’m kind of like the T-shirt that’s been sitting in the dryer for three days.”

Morris made news last month when it was revealed that two separate Black Flag reunion bands are emerging simultaneously, neither of them featuring Henry Rollins. While the version featuring Morris on vocals and Chuck Dukowski on bass plans on touring the U.S., the lineup starring founding guitarist Greg Ginn is plotting an album. Meanwhile Rollins continues to write revealing, sometimes political, often hilarious columns for LA Weekly.

Regarding this odd battle of the bands, Morris said, “The thing we’re doing is not in spite of anybody — we’re celebrating the fact that we’re at the age that we’re at and people still love this music. And we’re still capable of playing it. This isn’t about finger-pointing or ‘You did this’ or ‘You did that.’ … I can’t stand here and say, ‘Those guys suck.” … If Ginn is capable of getting up there and whamming, jamming, sweating and grinding, more power to him.”