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Hear Frank Ocean Fall for a Blind Boy in ‘Eyes Like Sky’

Frank Ocean Eyes Like Sky Stream New Song

A new Frank Ocean song has leaked, a channel ORANGE “leftover” according to the SoundCloud user who uploaded it. Sure enough, the production quality and general tone are consistent with SPIN’s Album of the Year, and the subject matter speaks volumes to the era in which it was recorded. On “Eyes Like Sky,” the narrator follows the observations of a “blind boy” who sees color in people and their surroundings, equating the hues he could never physically observe with the moods that they represent. And when the young man meets Ocean, the singer reads yellow. The song ends on a touching exchange: “I said, ‘Have you ever seen the mountains?’ / He said, ‘No but my faith can move those.’ / I said, ‘I wish you could see the stars.’ / He told me I should see love.” (via Idolator)